Click here for post template in plain text.
This template uses custom html "note" defined in the CSS. invisible text Links in this note section are invisible by default, so other posters will receive alerts if a mention is used, but the mention won't be displayed.
LIGHT SEA GREEN Based on a custom template I'd made for personal use once. Main highlight color & template name were chosen arbitrarily from the HTML colors. This template was intended to display newlines in the code, so <p> or <br> tags are not required. This could have weird behavior, though, so it can be changed by removing this line from the CSS:
    white-space: pre-line
There's a comment pointing to it in the template. @[user] tags are also invisible. They can be visible again by deleting this line:
    .Post a {display: none;}
Highlight color used for borders, bold text, and credit name can be changed by changing the color in the first line to whatever you wish:
    --highlight: LightSeaGreen
The template falls back to light sea green if a valid color is not inputted. If you need to hardcode the colors for compatibility reasons, or want multiple highlight colors, run find and replace on the below line:
    var(--highlight, lightseagreen)
and replace it with whatever color/s you like. Template is for the most part responsive on the mobile version of jcink and the width resizes based on screen size. For minor customizations (font, colors, post size), please leave the credit as-is. If this is being used as a base, though, replacing the credit with your own is encouraged.